Discover 5 ways our animated explainer videos can expand your business.

Animated Explainer videos are quickly proving to be one of the most effective ways of introducing your goods and services online. Even though it’s completely automated, it’s a very personal way of connecting with every visitor to your site. And when you look at their effectiveness, the results speak for themselves:

Videos Increase Your Sales.

After viewing a video on your site 73% of your potential customers have a higher tendency to buy. In fact viewers are 60% more likely to purchase your goods or services. Just by watching your brief video.

Stand out from thousands of other choices.

The internet is the home of the short attention span. If you don’t capture your site visitor’s attention within seconds, they’ll be gone. However video is very eye catching and is almost compulsively viewed by many site visitors. When they passively click a button you can present them with your most persuasive call to action.

Customers are driven emotionally.

They may have logical justifications for purchases, but decisions really are emotionally driven. With video you can create an emotional response through a story that mirrors your customer’s experience. In addition the music, sound effects, and images, can all add to that story in ways that really strike an emotional response.

Create a unique impression that customers remember.

Video allows you to put your unique brand in front of your customers visually. This visual presentation is proven to be much more memorable than a text only message.

By combining psychological techniques with video you can create a remarkable response.

Years of studies have led to some very creative ways of influencing change in your customers. Despite these advances it’s still quite hard to find video production companies that create videos on this kind of level. All our videos are created through a process that uses psychological research to target the response you want from your customers.

If you are interested by any of these benefits, give us a call at 801-871-8134 and receive a free bid, no obligation. We’re so confident you’ll love your animated explainer video that we provide a 100% money back guarantee with every video we produce. So you can rest easy. Imagine automated marketing that emotionally impacts your customers in a way that they remember, and leads them to action. Time to boost your online effectiveness? Experience the power of video, call now: 801-871-8134

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